10kg Hanging Fire Extinguisher

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10kg Hanging Fire Extinguisher

Product Description

Hanging dry power fire extinguisher:
6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg

Hanging dry power fire extinguisher

Automatic hanging fire extinguisher

Question one: What's the working principle of automatic hanging fire extinguisher?

1 Automatic bursting principle: With the rising temperature of the liquid in the fire extinguisher, the liquid slowly turn into gas. As the pressure in the cylinder exceed the limitation, the cylinder would break up.

2 Automatic fire extinguisher principle: The gasified liquid is carbon-dioxide and nitrogen. Carbon-dioxide is used to remove the oxgen from the fire. And nitrogen is for cooling down the fire.

Question two: What's the temperature of bursting?
Ambient temperature is about 250º Cwhen it is bursting.

Question three: How long does it take from the start of fire to its bursting?
It takes about 2 to 3 minutes to burst in the closed state.

Question four: What's the normal working temperature of automatic hanging fire extinguisher?
-20º C~45º C
Question five: What's the degree of safety of the automatic hang fire extinguisher?

1 After verification, the shattered piece of the broken glass tube in the fire extinguisher
Won't pose danger to the people and environment around. When the bursting happens the temperature within 5 meters can reach more than 100º C, which is impossible for people to stand nearby. So this equipment is safe.
2 The carbon-dioxide given out during the bursting won't hurt others nearby, too. This is because giving out carbon-dioxide is of short time, and also with small effected area, the places with carbon-dioxide is on fire so people can't stay for long time.

Queation six: Which places are suitable to use automatic hanging fire extinguisher?
The automatic hanging fire extinguisher can serves as supplementary fire fighting equipment in many public situations, such as library, archives, etc. It can extinguish fire without manual reaction, and it works with carbon-dioxide and nitrgen, not water which is very suitable for water-proof environment.

Spray system is limited when there are some places not able to be sprayed. But the automatic hanging fire extinguisher can make up the short-comings of it.
  6KG 8KG 10KG 12KG
out-diameter 292mm 306mm 306mm 370mm
volume 7.6L 1OL 12L 15L
cylinder length 180mm 340mm 380mm 220mm
cylinder weight 2.7kg 2.0kg 3.0kg 4.5kg
extinguisher weight 10kg 13.5kg 15kg 17kg
dry powder filled weight 6kg 8kg 10kg 12kg
Temperature range -20° C-55° C -20° C-55° C -20° C-55° C -20° C-55° C
max working pressure 14Bar 14Bar 14Bar 14Bar
test pressure 25Bar 25Bar 25Bar 25Bar
min wall-thickness 2.30mm 1.72mm 1.72mm 2.05mm
material St12/DC01 St12/DC01 St12/DC01 St12/DC01
fire class 27A 183B C 34A 183B C 34A 233B C 43A 233B C
packing size 31× 32× 37cm 31× 32× 37cm 30× 30× 45cm 31× 31× 45

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